About Multifamily Investing

What You Need To Know

If you’re interested in real estate investing, particularly multifamily syndications or passive real estate investing, TAO Capital has the resources you need to gain financial freedom.

TAO CAPITAL is a private real estate investment firm focused on syndicated multifamily assets, providing exceptional returns to our investors and better living experiences to our residents.  Our investors make money through positive cash flow from rental income, owning  an equity share of the asset,  tax benefits of depreciation, rental income paying down debt which in turn builds more equity in the property.

Our acquisitions are in markets with low unemployment and crime, increasing population and rent growth and low vacancy.  Our preferred markets are landlord and business friendly.

Investors usually have a preferred rate of return and equity upon refi or sale.  The goal of capital preservation is priority in choosing multifamily assets and markets. We buy only cash flowing assets with potential improvements to add value such as professional property management, interior/exterior upgrades, and other property specific amenities. We accept investors to participate with a minimum investment of $25,000, depending on the project.

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Demand “is expected to stay healthy as long as job growth remains positive and young adults and retirees choose apartments,”

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