About Us

Terry Owens


Ms. Owens is a creative, forward-thinking real estate investor with strong background in Systems Engineering and Quality Assurance. Ms. Owens brings over 30 years of technical and management skills from the space and defense industries to the team.  As Founder and President of TAO Capital, Ms. Owens started her RE investing career in single family properties.  She now holds and operates properties in the multifamily and self-storage realms.  Ms. Owens' brings highly proficient market and property cost analysis along with well-organized, effective asset management skills to the team. Her goal is to acheive financial freedom through real estate investing.  She believes in offering only properties with low risk returns in which she, herself, would not hesitate to invest her hard earned money.

Prashant Kumar


With a B.S. and Masters in Engineering, Mr. Kumar  brings 23+ years of highly technical corporate experience of analysis and managemet skills to TAO Capital.  Mr. Kumar has experience in sourcing multifamily properties, negotiating contracts, and sponsoring/closing deals. Mr. Kumar currenly controls multiple properties from joint ventures and syndications. Mr. Kumar’s highly motivated objective is to continue to grow the multifamily portfolio through syndication of value add opportunities.  Mr. Kumar has a goal to acquire and hold stable, income producing multifamily properties in emerging US markets with long term capital appreciation.  

Is this you?


This person brings inspection and construction and building expertise to the table.  This person will have the capability to over see our value add rehabs of any size.